1.)  Do you know “Candid” is spelled with a “C” and not a “K”?

Yes, but thank you for making sure 😉

2.)  Do you offer family portraits?

Yes. You’ll notice the “The More The Merrier” is a package geared toward family portraits. Also please notice there is an option called “Make it a family affair” on the other packages that work for families.

3.)  Where are you located and what markets do you service?

I’m located in Jersey City and serve all of the Tri-State area.

4.)  How do I go ahead and book a session with you?

Please go to the contact page and fill in the brief questionnaire with the details of your shoot including the package you’re interested in purchasing. I’ll send a quick agreement over for you to sign and we’ll get you on the calendar.  Ryan@KandidKidz.com

5.)  Why is your session rate slightly higher than others I’m currently pricing out?

The reason my session rate is slightly higher is because I’ll be delivering a Digital Negative (i.e. a “touched-up” file) that can be printed as many times as you want in various sizes. My thought process is you are hiring me to take photos of your little one(s) or family and at the end of it you should have the ability to print as many copies of your final selects as you want.

Additionally I offer beautiful professional prints and wall art created out of your images.  Please inquire for a la carte print prices.

6.)  I’d prefer to have you send me a link of proofs that I can just order prints from. Is that possible? 

Of course it is. If you’re more accustom and more importantly more comfortable with ordering prints from my photo printing service then I’m happy to apply 20% of the session fee towards your print order in lieu of delivering the digital negatives.   

7.)  Are there any restrictions on what I can do with the Digital Negative?

The only restriction on what you can do with the Digital Negative is it can’t be used it for commercial purposes. My rates for Kandid Kidz is much lower than what I offer my commercial clients because these pictures are meant for you to personally use, share and print for family and friends. The copyright of all the pictures is still owned by the photographer and therefore cannot be passed along to a brand that wants to use it in their latest campaign or photo contest. If you are approached by a brand to use a picture (good problem to have) please send them my way and I’ll be happy to negotiate with them on both of our behalves and I promise it will be more favorable for us.  

8.)  Do you retouch the Digital Negatives?

I “touch-up” the final images meaning I optimize the lighting, colors and remove simple blemishes in the photo. I’m an expert at retouching and have done it for many years for very high-end beauty brands. To be honest with you I don’t like what it represents in that when there is heavy retouching the picture is no longer reality and with kid portraits I don’t think that’s a good thing. I’m happy to discuss and give an estimate for any additional work you want completed on a photo but we should all remember the kids will be looking at these down the road and it should be an accurate memory for them.